Q: I completed the survey last week, did you receive my response?
A: The Funder Feedback tool is anonymous and all feedback is stored without time and date stamps to maintain the anonymity of participants.

Q: What is your response rate?
A: We estimate our response rate is around 30% when the tool is sent directly to people asking for their input. We encourage foundations to send it to all those they meet within any given quarter.

Q: How do you get enough people to complete the survey to guarantee anonymity?
A: We recommend that members of your team have links to their Funder Feedback survey in their email signature. We have found that a small number of people will proactively fill out the survey. We also highly recommend that your assistant sends out emails weekly to individuals identified by your program staff to solicit their participation.

Q: How often are the reports produced with the aggregated feedback?
A: Reports are generated quarterly. Previously, reports could be viewed and printed directly from the Funder Feedback website. One of the newest features we are pleased to announce is that these reports can now be downloaded as a spreadsheet as well.

Q: Does the tool create competition between staff members?
A: We hope not! We encourage you to use the tool as a way to gauge the value you bring to meetings. If anyone on the team falls below a certain average star rating, we recommend you use that as a time to reflect about what can be done differently to improve on that rating, individually and as a team.

Q: How customizable is the tool?
A: An organization can customize the labels with which their staff is evaluated on the star rating questions. An organization can customize the free response question in general and each individual account can also customize their own free response question.

Q: How do you know the feedback received is honest and genuine?
A: At first, the Peery Foundation received exclusively positive feedback. It took two quarters of implementing the tool to demonstrate that the feedback is truly anonymous and critical feedback is encouraged. In the third quarter, people started to open up about their experiences with funders and gave us something to truly reflect on.

Q: What is the Peery Foundation doing to report back on the feedback received through this tool?
A: The Executive Director, Jessamyn Shams-Lau, writes a blog post on the feedback received from the free response question and what the foundation plans to do to act on that feedback. You can find the most recent blog posts on the PF Whiteboard.

Q: Can anyone use the Funder Feedback tool?
A: We encourage any and all funders to use the Funder Feedback tool. Sign up instructions are found here.